Are you the Man?

The real-life adventures and escapades of British soldiers serving in the elite desert force, The Trucial Oman Scouts; complete with many rare and colourful photographs of the scouts in action.


Reviews of   Are You The Man?

Steven Pressfield --Part Lawrence of Arabia - part Beau Geste

Best selling author Steven Pressfield ('Gates of Fire', Killing Rommel', etc) writes, ''Are You the Man?' is a wonderful collection (of reminiscences) from veterans of the Trucial Oman Scouts, an outfit that was part Lawrence of Arabia, part Beau Geste and part Charles Doughty's 'Arabia Deserta'. Alas, the TOS has faded into history - but these splendid tales live on. Bravo and Godspeed!'

Bruce Irvine -- An excellent book

Each chapter written by some one who was actually there as one of the few British Officers and NCOs who kept it all together . This is the UAE before the roads - and the shopping malls and beach holidays - came. Without the Trucial Oman Scouts ensuring law and order in the seven Emirates it could all have turned out so differently. A great read!

Tim Courtenay -- Humility and a sense of fun and humour were the hallmarks..

This splendid book is a compilation of stories and experiences of the Non Commissioned Officers who along with Officers from all British Regiments trained and led this small force over a twenty year period. All this before the advent of the oil income that transformed this region into a modern Nation in the world. Many of this Nation’s leaders were young soldiers in the Trucial Oman Scouts and the training and discipline they learned as soldiers prepared them for the high offices within the United Arab Emirates. Patience, humility and a sense of fun and humour were the hallmarks of these seconded British Instructors who are rightly very proud of their contribution to the rise of this great young Nation, and friendships established all those years ago are still alive and flourishing today.

GFWP -- An epic journey through the Arabian sands

I was introduced to this book via a friend and what a revelation it’s been. I knew nothing of the Trucial Oman Scouts or the wider region prior to reading and have been introduced to a whole new world, a lost and fascinating chapter of British military history. The collected adventures of these great men combine to evoke a magical, enthralling, riveting picture of life in the TOS which is a wonderful read – an epic journey through the Arabian sands which is a total joy to follow and a real treasure for generations to come.

Speedfish -- Never a dull moment

It says much for their integrity and the respect they gained that the Trucial Oman Scouts are still highly regarded in the UAE today. A military force initially set up in 1951 to deal with slave trading and gun running, it came to play a vital role in the history of the Trucial States, as the UAE was known before 1971. ‘Are You the Man?’ is a collection of first-hand recollections of members of the Trucial Oman Scouts with moments of drama and humour, and unforgettable characters thrown in. It is thoroughly recommended both for those interested in the history of the region and for the general reader who enjoys a good story, too.

Bruce Brislin -- A marvellous effort by Terry Ward and Hugh Nicklin

‘Are You the Man’ is a quite extraordinary book about a long-gone but still-proud unit or the British armed forces. Terry Ward and Hugh Nicklin have done a wonderful job in assembling this collection of memoirs and photos from the rank and file members of the Trucial Oman Scouts. Most memoirs seem to be written by officers from their point of view but here the stories come straight from those who did the hard work. The unit existed between 1951 and 1976, just twenty-five years, and consisted of volunteers, each with some specialty important to its function.

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